Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download

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ms-office-2007-proWhen Microsoft Office 2007 was released in the beginning of the year 2007, it instantly changed the way we work by simplifying and streamlining processes in Word, Outlook and Excel along with other programs that are part of the package. Before the launch of Microsoft Office 2007, consumers had been using Microsoft Office 2003 released in 2003. The new version offered a lot more options and had an entirely new interface which made navigation much easier.

One of the new things available for free download version of Microsoft Office 2007 featured was the ribbon style interface which made it much easier to access all the command buttons as the panels are right in from of you. With multiple tabs on the top, the user can easily switch from one section to another. For instance switching between font, page layout and reference section is just a click away. However, the ribbons found on top of each program are not customizable so you cannot add or delete tabs or options from ribbons in Word, Excel and Outlook.

The Live Preview option introduced in Microsoft 2007 is one of its best features and allows much more flexibility to the users. By using the mouse roll over option, the user can temporarily see the formatting in real time, which goes away as soon as you remove the mouse. This way one does not have to try a formatting style and then revert every time until he finds the right one.

Similarly, the Smart Art option introduced in 2007 versions of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel allows the user to make complex and sophisticated charts, lists and diagrams easily and in a matter of minutes. All these charts are customizable and you can extend the list to more than one page very easily. Making hierarchy charts in one of these programs is quite simple and easy.

For students, who have to write academic papers using Microsoft Word, the 2007 full version brings many options for inserting footnotes, headers, and references. You can also easily cross-reference, hyperlink or add bookmarks within a document. This is a very valuable option for students who have to follow a particular referencing style for submitting their paper.

If you are an editor, Microsoft Word 2007 free download option provides you with the excellent option to compare the original and edited documents side by side. All the changes one makes in the document are highlighted in form of comments so that you can easily identify and modify the changes. If you want to remove the changes made by someone else, you can simply ‘reject all changes’ and you will have your original document back.

Since its release, Microsoft Office 2007 has also come out with three service packs, all of which contain updates which make the version more user-friendly and provides more flexibility. Like all new software and programs, there is definitely a learning curve involved if you are switching from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2007, but once you get done with it, it opens up unlimited opportunities for you.